Introduction… Income Generating & Money Saving Solutions

Where To Begin…

First of all… Welcome!  I know that you could be at any of so many other places right now.  I’m humbled and honored that you stopped by because something here piqued your interest.  So, my pledge to you is that I’ll do my best to not waste your time.

I think we can all agree that there is so much, ever growing noise on the internet… it can be deafening – mind numbing, really.  I have been culling through it, filtering through the chaff and want to share the valuable nuggets that can help us all contribute to our online business, personal success and quests for a real Plan B.  As I do, I am publishing my findings here.  You are welcome to look around, provide feedback, subscribe to stay current on new information and get in touch with me.

Everything you see here has value. In most cases, saving money in different areas of our lives or businesses.  There are also associated business opportunities with many of these products or services.  Hence the title of this site: Income Generating & Money Saving Solutions.  Some solutions are available only in North America; others are Global.  The important thing to note is that whether or not you have interest in the business aspect, the products or services deliver intrinsic value.  The business opportunities are also sound.  That is my litmus test.

I’m currently involved in some interesting projects that promise to yield solid results.

Feel free to join me and share in the journey toward a much needed Plan B.  Much more to come…

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