The Next Netflix Or GoDaddy? Launched December 20, 2010!


The Word Is Getting Out

The word is getting out on Joel Therien’s latest venture… although it had been in pre-launch for several months, GVO Conference could potentially become the next Netflix or GoDaddy.  Launched December 20, 2010, what they are offering is real.  No hype, just a great product, that at less than 9 dollars a month, could easily take the web conferencing market by storm.  GVO Conference delivers more features, cross-platform compatibility, zero footprint requirement and much more at a fraction of the price of the popular products such as GoToMeeting and Webex.

    GVO Conference is a product that is:

  1. Rock solid
  2. 1/10th the cost of what the competition is charging
  3. Something every Network Marketer and Online Internet Marketer needs
  4. Highly consumable and easy to demonstrate – very easy!
  5. Enjoying high acceptance. Families across the globe are LOVING it
  6. Brought to the market in 5 languages
  7. A product and opportunity that ANYONE can afford WORLDWIDE!
  8. A new opportunity with a company that has a ROCK SOLID, 12 year track record of online success.

Go here to get started for ONE DOLLAR!

Fear Of Rejection

Even while launching this, founder Joel Therien said he admitted that he was afraid of only one thing… that some seasoned MLMers would reject the opportunity.  Why?  Because at $8.97 per month, there simply would not be enough money to be made. However, the seasoned experts and the new internet MLM marketers are seeing great success and results.  More importantly, they share in our “Global Vision”, which is simply this: “Provide a great product and opportunity at a fraction of the cost of any competitor, in as many languages as possible, affordable globally and you will have a World Wide and overnight sensation!!”

Do you agree with Joe that this is kind of a long winded mandate? Perhaps, but it sounds good to me :D . If you want to see what it’s all about, go here and look at a brief presentation or fill out the form below:

==> Click Here For A Brief Presentation

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