Monetizing your browser’s Home Page

So, you’re looking to make money on the internet.  Here’s an interesting thought . . . monetize your browser’s Home Page.  After all, when you first bring up your browser, it is the first thing you always see.  What if just by having a specific home page, you could access over 400 online stores, save money on your purchases and get cash back?  What if you could enjoy the same benefits for travel, home services and obtaining a new phone – many times for FREE?  What’s even better?  If you share this knowledge, you can save and earn even more!

Did I mention that doing this is absolutely FREE?  It’s definitely worth checking out.

More to come.  To your success!

About Tony Novoa

Hi. I am a NY Metro denizen seeking to both learn & share value. Please feel free to connect and provide input on how I can add value to what I'm providing here. I look forward to connecting & collaborating with you.
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